Model: HSE80200-8

Series: HSE

Product Lines: Industrial Tools

  • 1 mm precision during heavy lifting and lowering operation with hydraulic cylinders
  • SIEMENS PLC system
  • Each point is driven by an independent servo high-pressure pump and valve group
  • The operation process runs continuously, without lag, and the lifting speed is fast
  • Standard equipped load balancing valve with high precision of synchronous lowering performance
  • The speed is continuously adjustable and the operating speed can be set steplessly
  • Pre-jacking, synchronous lifting and synchronous lowering functions
  • Proportional slope displacement function, each point sets the target displacement independently and operates in the same speed ratio
  • Configured with air-cooled radiator and filtration system
  • Sensor parameter setting, pre-jacking tonnage setting, alarm pressure value setting
  • Over pressure alarm, over tolerance alarm, sensor signal error alarm, displacement sensor over travel alarm, servo alarm,oil temperature and level alarm
  • Full protection frame, rainproof cover, forklift bottom, lifting lugs
  • Optional online control of multiple pump stations to achieve any combination of points

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!

Operation Tutorial Video


Max Working Pressure/Bar700
Oil Tank Capacity/L200
Flow Rate/(L/min)1.5*8
Displacement Sensor Option500mm/1000MM
Sensor Cable Length30M
FunctionPre-Jacking/Synchronous Lifting/Synchronous Lowering

Series Comparison

ModelMax Working Pressure/BarVoltage/VACPower/KWOil Tank Capacity/LPointsFlow Rate/(L/min)Displacement Sensor OptionSensor Cable LengthFunction
HSE40120-47002201*412040.5*4500mm/1000MM20MPre-Jacking/Synchronous Lifting/Synchronous Lowering
HSE80120-47003803*412041.5*4500mm/1000MM20MPre-Jacking/Synchronous Lifting/Synchronous Lowering
HSE80200-87003803*820081.5*8500mm/1000MM30MPre-Jacking/Synchronous Lifting/Synchronous Lowering
HSE9020047003805.5*420042.7*4500mm/1000MM20MPre-Jacking/Synchronous Lifting/Synchronous Lowering
HSE90200-87003805.5*820082.7*8500mm/1000MM30MPre-Jacking/Synchronous Lifting/Synchronous Lowering
HSE80120-4-37003803*12120*34*31.5*12500mm/1000MM30MThree Indepent 4 Points Pump Connected Together