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A Leading Manufacturer of Hydraulic Tools

Taizhou Chuanhu Hydraulic Machinery Co., LTD., established in 2005, is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic tools, including hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic puller, hydraulic pump, flange spreaders, hydraulic nut cutter, hydraulic workshop press. Our products have passed ISO 10100:2001 and sold to countries worldwide throughout our sales network in China, America, Europe,mid-east, and southeast Asia.
Today, we manufacture at our own facilities with a total area of 5.000 m² and 50 employees in Yuhuan Longxi Industrial Zone, Zhejiang province.

Our Version:

We focused on producing the highest quality equipment that complies with ISO10100:2001 and GB15622:2005 standards, to deliver a safe working experience to its user in an ultimate industrial design. Our tools are widely used in various projects including pipeline construction, bridge construction, highway and railway construction, heavy lifting, mechanical disassembly.

We sell and supply a series of standard hydraulic cylinders and jacking systems with thousands of different configurations available to meet all kinds of industrial requirements. We supply custom hydraulic cylinders and jacking systems for the buyer with specific needs.No matter if you are looking for 150 hydraulic cylinders or 500-ton hydraulic cylinders for your synchronizing work, our cylinders capacity range from 10 ton to 1000 ton can always meet your requirement. You can buy our low height pancake hydraulic cylinders when you need to get the job done in confined places or buy our extremely lightweight aluminum cylinders for your bridge support work.

Our mobile hydraulic puller features a movable cart for easy dismounting of transmission parts like bearings, couplings, and gears. Powered by the electric power pack, our mobile pullers come with a capacity of 50 tons,100 tons,200 tons.