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About Us

RIVERLAKE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-force hydraulic tools in China. We provide our customers worldwide with exceptional hydraulic tool experience. Here at RIVERLAKE, we manufacture and sell a wide range of hydraulic cylinders, pumps, bolting tools, flange maintenance tools, pullers, and other hydraulic tools.

Reliability * Durability *Safety

We are very serious about the safety, reliability, and durability of our tools. we make sure that by adopting the best structure design, using high-quality materials, and following high-standard production and testing procedures. All our tools comply with ISO 10100:2001 and GB 15622:2005 standards and are designed with a 1.5 safety factor.RIVERLAKE products affirm the good’s conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards and have passed CE certification. You are welcome to download our certification here.

Our Warranty

RIVERLAKE products come with a comprehensive 1-year warranty. For all products sold under proper use, we will provide free replacement parts if tool failure occurs. All products and services offered are subject to our standard Terms & Conditions.

Our Service

Here at RIVERLAKE, besides the quality of our tools, we also care about the customer service we provide. No matter it is the training of our sales staff, cooperation with our distribution network, keeping a good quantity of stocks for standard models, fast and on-time shipping or after-sale service, we are 100% serious about them.

Our History

The history of RIVERLAKE dates back to 2005, when Edward Deng, the founder of the company started his own factory to manufacture all kinds of hydraulic cylinders and pumps in Yuhuan city, Zhejiang province. The brand name RIVERLAKE comes from his life experience. Mr. Edward was born in the Sichuan province(abbreviation as 川)and went to school in the Hubei province(abbreviation as 湖). The meaning of 川 in English is RIVER and the meaning of 湖 in English is LAKE, that’s how RIVERLAKE was named.

In 2018,RIVERLAKE moved to its new facility in the Chuangrong industrial zone. Today, we manufacture at our own facilities with a total area of 7.000 m² and 90 employees. our products have been exported to many countries and areas, especially the United States, South Asia, and Africa.

Our Goal

We strive to become an international brand business and build a strong distribution network and reputation around the globe. We will be down-to-earth, step by step, keep providing the best products and services as we can to our customers, and work hard to become a well-known hydraulic tools brand in our generation.