Model: EPHS

Product Lines: Hydraulic Pullers

  • Double-acting hydraulic system for holding, opening & closing jaws for a safe & secure grip on the work object.
  • The lifting and lowering operation of the puller is achieved by a hydraulic system.
  • The self-centering design keeps puller jaws clamping work objects evenly and automatically.
  • The easy jaw head adjusting system prevents puller jaws from sliding and springing off the work object being pulled.
  • Puller can be assembled in 2 or 3 jaw configurations
  • The cart swivel castors provide movement of the cart easily.
  • The electrical hydraulic pump is a two-stage pump: the low-pressure stage provides fast stroking to save time
  • Panel design to prevent operating errors from happening.
  • Five extension adapters are standard attachments for extra stroke.

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!


Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)700
Capacity Class (tonnage)100
Stroke (mm)300
Max Spread(mm)1535
Min Spread(mm)150
Max Reach(mm)1035
Min Reach(mm)880
Min Centeral Height(mm)855
Max Central Height(mm)1490

Series Comparison

ModelCapacity(Ton)Stroke(mm)Max Spread(mm)Min Spread(mm)Max Reach(mm)Min Reach(mm)Min Centeral Height(mm)Max Central Height(mm)Weight(Ton)