Model: CLP-2502

Series: CLP

Product Lines: Industrial Tools

  • Lock nut provides mechanical load holding for a safe work environment
  • An integrated tilt saddle allows for up to 5 degrees of misalignment
  • Extreme low height for use in confined areas
  • 10% side-load resistance of maximum capacity
  • Overflow port as stroke limiter to prevent plunger blow-out
  • Single-acting, load-return
  • Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life
  • Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance
  • Hardened and chromed piston reduces wear and corrosion
  • Hardened alloy steel guide ring eliminates over travel and provides support to reduce wear from off-center loads
  • High strength composite bearing provides support for off-center loads without damaging the cylinder walls
  • An Industrial U-cup style seal prevents costly leaks

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!


Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)700
Capacity Class (tonnage)250
Stroke (mm)45
Collapsed Height A (mm)159
Extended Height B (mm)204
Return TypeSingle-Acting, Load Return
Plunger TypeSolid
Cylinder Effective Area Advance (cm2)362.9
Oil Capacity Advance (cm3)1633
Sideload Resistance of Maximum Capacity (percentage)10%
Surface TreatmentBaked enamel finish
Weight (kg)74


Collapsed Height/mm(A)159.00 
Extended Height/mm(B)204.00 
Outside Dia/mm(D)275
Cylinder Bore Dia/mm(E)200
Plunger Dia/mm(F)TR215 X 6
Base To Advance Port/mm(H)32
Standard Saddle Dia/mm(J)200
Saddle Protri. From Plgr./mm(K)11
Saddle Max. Tilt Angle(R)5℃
Lock Nut Height/mm(S)44 

Series Comparison

Model NumberCapacity/TonStroke/mmCylinder Effective Area/cm2Oil Capacity/cm3Collapsed Height/mm(A)Extended Height/mm(B)Outside Dia/mm(D)Cylinder Bore Dia/mm(E)Plunger Dia/mm(F)Base To Advance Port/mm(H)Standard Saddle Dia/mm(J)Saddle Protri. From Plgr./mm(K)Saddle Max. Tilt Angle(R)Lock Nut Height/mm(S)Weight/Kg
CLP-602605086.6433125.00 175.00 14096TR104 X4199665℃28 14.5
CLP-100210050143.1715137.00 187.00 175126TR134.5 X 62112685℃31 23.5
CLP-160216045226.91021148.00 193.00 220159TR170 X 62716095℃40 41.5
CLP-200220045283.41275155.00 200.00 245180TR 190 X630180105℃43 57
CLP-250225045362.91633159.00 204.00 275200TR215 X 632200115℃44 74
CLP-400240045551.32481178.00 223.00 350250TR265 X 639250114℃55 134
CLP-500252045730.33286192.00 237.00 400290TR305 X 648290103℃62 189