Model: RD-166

Series: RD

Product Lines: Industrial Tools

  • Designed for long life, the best choice for production applications
  • Unique mounting configurations simplify fixturing
  • Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance
  • Double-acting operation develops force in both directions, providing maximum versatility
  • Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life
  • Hardened and chromed piston reduces wear and corrosion
  • Hardened alloy steel guide ring eliminates over travel and provides support to reduce wear from off-center loads
  • High strength composite bearing provides support for off-center loads without damaging the cylinder walls
  • An Industrial U-cup style seal prevents costly leaks

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!


Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)700
Capacity Class (tonnage)16
Stroke (mm)159
Collapsed Height A (mm)389
Extended Height B (mm)548
Return TypeDouble-Acting, Hydraulic Return
Plunger TypeSolid
Cylinder Effective Area Advance (cm2)20.3
Cylinder Effective Area Retract (cm2)10.6
Oil Capacity Advance (cm3)323
Oil Capacity Retract (cm3)169
Surface TreatmentBaked enamel finish
Weight (kg)10.2


Collapsed Height/mm(A)389
Extended Height/mm(B)548
Body Length/mm(C)359
Outside Dia/mm(D)80
Cylinder Bore Dia/mm(E)50.8
Plunger Dia/mm(F)35
Top To Retract Port/mm(H)73
Bottom To Advance Port/mm(I)73
Plunger Protrusion/mm(K)30
Clevvis Eye Mounting Dimension L492
Clevvis Eye Mounting Dimension L1651
Clevvis Eye Mounting Dimension M52
Neck Length/mm(N)54
Plunger Thread Length/mm(P)28
Plunger External Thread/mm(Q)1 1/8”-12
Collar Thread(W)2 5/8”-16
Collar Thread Length/mm(X)22
Int. Base Thread(Z)2 3/16”-16
Int. Base Thread Length(Z1)24
RD BRD Rev1 1000

Series Comparison

Model NumberCapacity/TonStroke/mmPush Max Cylinder Capacity/TonPull Max Cylinder Capacity/TonPush Cylinder Effective Area/cm2Pull Cylinder Effective Area/cm2Push Oil Capacity/cm3Pull Oil Capacity/cm3Collapsed Height/mm(A)Extended Height/mm(B)Body Length/mm(C)Outside Dia/mm(D)Cylinder Bore Dia/mm(E)Plunger Dia/mm(F)Top To Retract Port/mm(H)Bottom To Advance Port/mm(I)Plunger Protrusion/mm(K)Clevvis Eye Mounting Dimension LClevvis Eye Mounting Dimension L1Clevvis Eye Mounting Dimension MNeck Length/mm(N)Plunger Thread Length/mm(P)Plunger External Thread/mm(Q)Collar Thread(W)Collar Thread Length/mm(X)Int. Base Thread(Z)Int. Base Thread Length(Z1)Weight/Kg
RD41429425.12.21461862141625025.4194747242582864129221/2”-121 3/8”-12111 1/8”-2092
RD43480425.12.240182373162135025.4194747243083874129221/2”-121 3/8”-12111 1/8”-2092.6
RD464156425.12.279343134682895025.4194747243855404129221/2”-121 3/8”-12111 1/8”-2093.6
RD919299511.46.332182232511986538.125.45757252953233838223/4”-162”-12141 11/16”-18143
RD939809511.46.390502743532496538.125.45757253464253838223/4”-162”-12141 11/16”-18144.2
RD9691559511.46.3177983505053256538.125.45757254225773838223/4”-162”-12141 11/16”-18145.6
RD91092579511.46.32931624527094276538.125.45757255247813838223/4”-162”-12141 11/16”-18147.3
RD1661615916820.310.63231693895483598050.8357373304926515254281 1/8”-122 5/8”-16222 3/16”-162410.2
RD16101626016820.310.65282764917514618050.8357373305938535254281 1/8”-122 5/8”-16222 3/16”-162414.5
RD25625159251131.713.75042184245833979263.547.88989275246835370251 1/8”-123 1/4”-16292 3/4”-162616
RD251025260251131.713.78243565267864999263.547.88989276268865370251 1/8”-123 1/4”-16292 3/4”-162620.3