Synchronous Jacking System

RIVERLAKE synchronous jacking system combines high pressure hydraulic with computer controls to monitor and control precise movement and positioning of heavy loads. All movements are managed from a PLC central control panel that displays live operation with real-time status updates for each lifting position. Our synchronous jacking system can be used with standard 700 bar single or double-acting cylinders and is offered with customized horsepower pump unit, oil tank capacity, and lift points options.RIVERLAKE synchronous lifting technology monitors and manages lifting, lowering,weight alignment, and load transfer procedures of non uniformly distributed heavy loads with lifting process accuracy  ± 0.5mm between leading and lagging lifting points


RIVERLAKE Synchronous Jacking System Projects

The PLC multi-point synchronous jacking hydraulic system is divided into 5 parts: hydraulic pump station, PLC computer control system, hydraulic system, displacement pressure detection and man-machine interface operating system. The system integrates hydraulic jacking system, computer PLC signal processing, displacement monitoring and bridge structure analysis and construction technology, and develops a complete set of technologies on the integrated system. Its core is to design the computer PLC signal processing and hydraulic system based on the bridge characteristics based on the bridge structure analysis and construction technology summary, input the displacement signal of the external monitoring facility, output the oil quantity control signal of the hydraulic system, and use the terminal multiple sets of jacks to achieve For the purpose of balanced, safe and efficient bridge lifting, the accuracy error of the lifting and lowering does not exceed ± 0.5mm. The lifting load includes: 50 tons-1000 tons, and the lifting height is 10mm to 500mm.

Features of the PLC synchronous jacking system:

  • High-speed zero setting, low-speed jacking, and the lifting speed can be controlled at will;
  • The hydraulic jack has an external (or built-in) displacement, pressure sensor, and equalizing valve to ensure that the jacking system is in place High reliability under harsh working environment;
  • The overload protection function of the equalizing valve avoids common cylinder expansion accidents when multi-cylinder jacking;
  • Advanced oil inlet speed regulation and heavy-load pioneer hydraulic circuit, supplementary High-precision synchronization is achieved when lifting, and high-precision synchronization can also be ensured when the load is lowered;
  • The operation is simple and intuitive, and the adjustment of the working posture such as roll and pitch can be realized;
  • The color touch screen can be connected, real-time online Display the jacking displacement and jacking load, and it can also be connected to the industrial computer to record the whole construction process in real-time;
  • In the multi-point synchronization working state, in addition to maintaining the multi-point position In addition to synchronization, the load distribution of each fulcrum can be adjusted according to user requirements