SW14.5TI,14.5 Ton Integral Hydraulic Flange Spreader


Model: SW14.5TI

Capacity: 14.5 Ton

Tip Clerance:6mm

Max Spread: 81mm

Working Pressure: 700bar

Net Weight: 10Kgs

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Kit Components includes:

1 X SW14.5TI Wedgehead;1 X 700bar Integral Hydraulic Pump/Jack ;1 X Safety Block;1 X Pair of Stepped Blocks; 1 X carry Strap; 1 X Carry Case.

The SW14.5TI is a 14.5-ton integral hydraulic spreader manufactured by RIVERLAKE. It is designed to hydraulically spread flange joints with a minimum access gap of 6.0mm,flange plates can be opened up to 81mm range. Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic jacks were integrated into the 14.5 Ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader. The product thus becomes more portable and easy to use. Ideal for narrow and difficult-to-reach areas of work. The user can move the equipment at the construction site on the shoulder like a rifle. One worker can make the flange assembly and disassembly process.RIVERLAKE SW14.5TI internal pump hydraulic flange spreader can be used in natural gas plants, oil refineries, water, and chemical production lines. Allows the assembly process to be completed quickly and safely. Saves labor time. Reduces costs. Flange connection is indispensable for mounting and dismounting equipment.RIVERLAKE spreaders do not damage the flange surface.




Tip Clearance/mm

Max Spread/mm

Net Weight/Kg