16P80 160 Mpa Porta Power Hydraulic Hand Pump With Gauge For Bolt Tensioner

The 16P series is a portable high-pressure porta power hydraulic hand pump designed to supply hydraulic bolt tensioners with an output pressure of 160 MPa. In addition, various sizes of fuel tanks can be customized to meet different equipment needs.

MOQ: 1PCS;  Color: Our Color,Red,Yellow,Black,Blue(as client’s requirement)

Lead time: Stock available for small quantity delivery within 1 week,

3-4 weeks if required for production.



With pressure regulating valve to recalibrate output pressure

Built-in precision high and low-pressure automatic switching valve to provide more flow at low pressure and improve work efficiency

Made of aluminum-titanium alloy material, lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, suitable for various harsh environments