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  • Pile Load Test Equipment

    Static and Dynamic Pile Load Test Equipment

    RIVERLAKE PLC controlled hydraulic jacking system is designed for pile load test up to 2000 tons where the load to be applied in different stages and displayed accurately in real-time. The plc pile load test jacking system provides 6 defaults tonnage options, user can preset the loading tonnage and holding period of time for each option. During pile load test operation, the whole process is run automatically, just select one of the preset tonnages and press the autorun button. the hydraulic jack will raise to its full stroke, upon reaching the preset load, the jacking system will stop automatically and hold the pressure for the preset period of time. during this process, the power station will auto-start for pressure compensation purposes if the pressure and load drop. The jacking system is equipped with a load sensor and pressure sensor, which will display the real-time load and pressure accurately. After testing is complete at this stage, select a new tonnage of the next stage, change the holding time if necessary, then press autorun to repeat the whole process.

  • Synchronous Jacking System

    Synchronous Jacking System

    RIVERLAKE synchronous jacking system combines high pressure hydraulic with computer controls to monitor and control precise movement and positioning of heavy loads. All movements are managed from a PLC central control panel that displays live operation with real-time status updates for each lifting position. Our synchronous jacking system can be used with standard 700 bar single or double-acting cylinders and is offered with customized horsepower pump unit, oil tank capacity, and lift points options.RIVERLAKE synchronous lifting technology monitors and manages lifting, lowering,weight alignment, and load transfer procedures of non uniformly distributed heavy loads with lifting process accuracy  ± 0.5mm between leading and lagging lifting points