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  • Synchronous Jacking System

    Synchronous Jacking System

    RIVERLAKE PLC synchronous lifting system is based on PLC control technology, which controls lifting and positioning through sensor feedback. The control process does not need to consider the central distribution of heavy objects. It is suitable for lifting large and heavy-duty bridges, especially suitable for supporting RSM/RCS ultra-thin jacks to replace bridge supports. By changing the flow of each cylinder to adjust the jack’s lifting displacement, the system maintains a good position control. By eliminating human interference, synchronous lifting maintains the integrity of the mechanism, improves production efficiency, and enhances the safety of lifting actions. The synchronous lifting system based on PLC control reduces the risk of bending, twisting, and tilting caused by uneven weight distribution and load transfer between different lifting points. The core electrical control system uses the German Siemens PLC programmable controller, which combines high-performance displacement sensors and pressure sensor detection systems to achieve dual control of pressure control and displacement control, thereby ensuring the precise control of the jack and the safety control of the lifting process