Portable Hydraulic Hand-Operated Aluminum Pump

Portable Hydraulic Hand-Operated Aluminum Pump

P-90 Aluminum Hydraulic Hand Pump

RIVERLAKE portable hydraulic pump is a small size aluminum manual hydraulic pump.it is lightweight, easy to carry, convenient for operation, and safe to use. The manual pump comes with a standard ultra-high pressure gauge and is a widely used Overhaul of industrial equipment.

  • Safety aluminum oil tank, needle valve, more precise
    And safety, the oil tank is convenient for filling oil, and there is a mounting hole at the bottom
  • The two-speed high-pressure pump is equipped with a pressure gauge as standard, which can be accurately controlled. The pump handle has a ring cover to protect the pressure gauge.
  • Safe and reliable, simple to use, suitable for a variety of applications, automatic high and low pressure reversing between 10-70MPa

Operation Video




Oil Capacity

Cross section of oil cylinder


Gross Weight/Package




50*65mm; 60mm Height.


16KG For Two PCS

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