hydraulic flange spreader

Mechanical and Hydraulic Flange Spreader

What is a flange spreader?

A flange separator is a device used to separate large industrial machinery. It is divided into integrated hydraulic flange separator and separate flange separator. Mainly used for pipeline maintenance, pipeline construction, testing and flange replacement, maintenance gaskets, pressure vessels, cylinder head openings, power plants, bearing disassembly, oil and power drilling, motor rotor disassembly, offshore platforms, jacking work, shipbuilding, Horizontal movement of industrial equipment, workpieces and other industries.


Flange Spreader Manufacturer

Taizhou Chuanhu Hydraulic Machinery is a professional manufacturer of flange separate tools. our FSH-14 14-ton hydraulic flange spreader and FSM-8 8 ton mechanical flange spreader are widely sold to companies in the oil industry around the globe. This is a production blog of some of our customer’s order.

FSH-14 14 Ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader

1. Spring-backed oil cylinder, pump, and separator are integrated into one
2. It only needs 6mm to operate, and each step is separated by 25mm.
3. Automatically retract when closed
4.No radial force and no extrusion
5.Maximum pressure 10000PSI, overpressure return to oil
Overcoming space constraints
7. During separation, prevent flange misalignment
8.High separation force and light body
9.Increase the separation and reduce the depth of wedge block insertion into the flange

● Maximum separation force of 2 * 14 tons
● Minimum separation gap is only 6mm
● The maximum separation amount reaches 65mm
● The circular arc step with a radius of 150mm can be effectively close to the flange, so that each step can bear a larger load
● Forged alloy steel separation step, longer life
● Lightweight reinforced plastic steel handle design, easy to carry
● Unique internal lock mechanism, to ensure that the separator is close to the flange when it is opened, and it will not expand excessively, and it will automatically return when closed.

FSM-8 8 Ton Mechanical Flange Spreader

1.High separation force and light body
2.Increase the separation amount and reduce the depth of the wedge block inserted into the flange
3.Can be used as a jack
Overcoming space constraints
5. During separation, prevent flange misalignment
6, no friction, parallel, smooth movement, will not cause flange damage
7.Mechanical and hydraulic options

Stepped design with safety pads and step-up pads
● 360˙ rotation of joystick and handle
● The separator is closely attached to the flange surface during operation to ensure that it will not expand excessively, and it is manually returned when closing.
● Each set of separator contains two working heads, two step-up pads, two pads, two ratchet wrenches, and a light workbox

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