Model: HE7060-4EVB43WFLR

Series: HE

Product Lines: Industrial Tools

  • One motor drives multiple independent plunger pump units to operate
  • Each valve group is equipped with an electromagnetic reversing valve, load balancing valve, pressure adjusting valve, and pressure gauge.
  • System functions: pre-jacking, synchronous lifting, synchronous lowering
  • Precision plunger unit, ultra-low overflow loss
  • Equipped with a low-pressure pump to effectively improve the self-priming capacity of the plunger pump
  • The synchronization error can reach 3% under uniform load distribution conditions
  • Optional electric control cabinet or cable control handle on the pump
  • Equipped with air-cooled radiator, low temperature rise during continuous operation

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!


Max Working Pressure/Bar700
Oil Tank Capacity/L60
Low Pressure Flow Rate/(L/min)6
High Pressure Flow Rate/(L/min)0.25*4
Control ValveDouble acting EVB43 solenoid valve with load lowering valve

Series Comparison

ModelMax Working Pressure/BarVoltage/VACPower/KWOil Tank Capacity/LPointsLow Pressure Flow Rate/(L/min)High Pressure Flow Rate/(L/min)Control ValveWeight/Kg
HE7060-4EVB43WFLR7003802.260460.25*4Double acting EVB43 solenoid valve with load lowering valve110
HE80100-4EVB43WFLR7003804100470.4*4Double acting EVB43 solenoid valve with load lowering valve160
HE90150-4EVB43WFLR7003807.51504100.7*4Double acting EVB43 solenoid valve with load lowering valve210