Model: HSE5020HV32-AT

Product Lines: Industrial Tools

Set a target pressure and reach the target pressure by increasing or decreasing the pressure, eventually maintaining the pressure within a certain pressure accuracy.

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!


Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)700
Motor Power(KW)1.5
High-Pressure Oil Flow (L/min)1
Low-Pressure Oil Flow (L/min)7
Oil Capacity(L)10

Part List

1Main Power Switch
2Circuit Breaker
3Servo Motor
4Oil Level Gauge
5Air Went
6Pressure Gauge
7Pressure Sensor
8Pressure Releif Valve
9Pressure Relief Valve
10Oil Drain
part list

Main Interface

Main Interface

History Pressure Curve

History Pressure Curve

Parameter Setting Screen

By changing parameter settings, the appropriate pressure boost speed, pressure holding accuracy, response speed, etc. can be better adapted to different load tonnages; settings need to be made according to specific working conditions, otherwise, it will easily cause problems such as automatic pressure relief.

  • Target pressure setting: Set the pressure value that needs to be automatically increased and maintained.
  • Pressure accuracy setting: When the current pressure value is lower than the target pressure, automatic pressure compensation is performed; when the target pressure value exceeds the target pressure value, the pressure is automatically relieved. Therefore, the value should be as large as possible, otherwise, it will easily cause frequent pressure compensation or pressure overshoot and automatic pressure relief reaction.
  • Low-pressure speed setting: This value determines the operating speed when the load cylinder does not reach the target pressure.
  • High-pressure speed setting: This value determines the operating speed of the load cylinder when it is about to reach the target pressure. The smaller the cylinder, the smaller the value setting should be, otherwise, it will cause the pressure to rise too fast and cause overpressure.
  • Early deceleration value: The pressure value where the pressure is about to reach the target pressure and start the deceleration operation.
  • Alarm time setting: After clicking Start, an alarm will be issued if the set pressure has not been reached after this time value.
  • Sensor range: Pressure sensor range setting.
  • Tonnage conversion: The output force conversion relationship of 1MPa pressure load. After calculation according to the load, the output force unit can be displayed on the main interface.
  • Pressure relief time setting: After clicking Manual Pressure Relief on the main interface, the system will perform continuous pressure relief for the set time; no further pressure increase is allowed during this period of time.
Parameter Setting Screen