Model: RSP-70

Series: RSP Series

Product Lines: Industrial Tools

  • Input Air pressure range 4-8 bar.
  • Three-speed operation reduces cycle time for higher productivity and efficiency.
  • Default options with the manifold for simultaneous operation of 2 Torque wrenches.
  • The super power-to-weight ratio, 22kg, is easy to carry. The output pressure range is within 40-700 bar.
  • An excellent Built-in cooling system increases the reliability of the longtime running of the pump in the harsh industrial environment
  • Durable aluminum oil tank for excellent heat dissipation, rustproof, and easy handling.
  • No electric control system for explosion-proof
  • Default options with the manifold for simultaneous operation of 2 Torque wrench customized options with the quick joint mounting plate for simultaneous operation of up to 4 torque wrenches.

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!


Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)700
Middle Pressure(bar)300
Low Pressure(bar)70
Air Pressure(bar)4-8
High-Pressure Oil Flow (L/min)0.85
Middle-Pressure Oil Flow (L/min)1.8
Low-Pressure Oil Flow (L/min)8.0
Oil Capacity(L)5


Dimension L/mm490
Dimension W/mm229
Dimension H/mm500
Air Driven Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pumps Dimension

Series Comparison

ModelHigh Pressure/MpaMiddle Pressure/MpaLow Pressure/MpaHigh-Pressure Oil Flow (L/min)Middle-Pressure Oil Flow (L/min)Low-Pressure Oil Flow (L/min)Motor Power(KW)Oil Capacity(L)

Air Pressure(bar)Weight(Kg)