Model: RCH-606

Series: RCH

Product Lines: Industrial Tools

  • The hollow plunger design allows for both pull and pushes forces
  • Single-acting, spring return
  • Nickel-plated, floating center tube to increase product durability.
  • Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance
  • Collar threads for easy fixturing
  • Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life
  • Hardened and chromed piston reduces wear and corrosion
  • Hardened alloy steel guide ring eliminates over travel and provides support to reduce wear from off-center loads
  • High strength composite bearing provides support for off-center loads without damaging the cylinder walls
  • An Industrial U-cup style seal prevents costly leaks

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!


Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)700
Capacity Class (tonnage)60
Stroke (mm)153
Collapsed Height A (mm)323
Extended Height B (mm)476
Return TypeSingle-Acting, Spring Return
Plunger TypeHollow
Cylinder Effective Area Advance (cm2)87.5
Oil Capacity Advance (cm3)1259
Surface TreatmentBaked enamel finish
Weight (kg)34.8


Collapsed Height/mm(A)323
Extended Height/mm(B)476
Outside Dia/mm(D)159
Plunger Dia/mm(F)92
Base Mounting Holes Bolt Circle/mm(U)130.3
Base Mounting Holes Thread(V)1/2“-13 UNC
Base Mounting Holes Thread Depth/mm(Z)14
Collar Thread(W)6 1/4”-12 UNC
Collar Thread Length/mm(X)48
Center Hole Dia/mm(Y)53.8
Single Acting Hollow PLunger Hydraulic Cylinder Dimension Drawing

Series Comparison

Model NumberCapacity/TonStroke/mmCylinder Effective Area/cm2Oil Capacity/cm3Collapsed Height/mm(A)Extended Height/mm(B)Outside Dia/mm(D)Plunger Dia/mm(F)Base Mounting Holes Bolt Circle/mm(U)Base Mounting Holes Thread(V)Base Mounting Holes Thread Depth/mm(Z)Collar Thread(W)Collar Thread Length/mm(X)Center Hole Dia/mm(Y)Weight/Kg
RCH-12013818.5145563703550.85/16″-18 UNC92 3/4″-16 UN3019.61.5
RCH-121134218.5751201627035***2 3/4″-16 UN3019.62.8
RCH-123137618.5136184260703550.85/16″-18 UNC92 3/4″-16 UN3019.64.4
RCH-202204932.8150162211995582.63/8“-16 UNC9.53 7/8”-12 UN3826.97.3
RCH-2062015532.8476306461995582.63/8“-16 UNC9.53 7/8”-12 UN3826.913.4
RCH-302306447.72981782421156592.23/8“-16 UNC144 1/2“-12 UN4233.310.5
RCH-3063015547.77223304851156592.23/8“-16 UNC144 1/2“-12 UN4233.319.3
RCH-603607687.562924632215992130.31/2“-13 UNC146 1/4”-12 UNC4853.827.4
RCH-6066015387.5125932347615992130.31/2“-13 UNC146 1/4”-12 UNC4853.834.8
RCH-10039576135.31011254330212127177.85/8”-11 UNC208 3/8“-12 UN607959.5