Series: HT4

Product Lines: Industrial Tools

  • High gear ratio, only need to use a small torque wrench to operate
  • Repeatability accuracy better than ±4%
  • Anti-rebound safety device (AWUR), is safer and more convenient to operate
  • Rugged construction, easy maintenance, and long service life
  • Angle protractor for easy viewing of tightening torque and angle

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!


HT4 Series, Torque Multipliers Dimension

Torque Multiplier Selection Table

ModelTorque Range(Nm)Torque Range(lbf.ft)Torque RatioInput Square DriveOutput Square DriveDimension A(mm)Dimension B(mm)Dimension C(mm)Body Weight(Kg)Reaction Arm Weight(Kg)