Series: HT

Product Lines: Industrial Tools

  • Electronic torque transducers can be fitted for precise torque monitoring.
  • True torque multiplication guaranteed better than +/-4%.
  • High ratios allow the use of a small torque wrench, multipliers can be used where access is limited.
  • Anti Wind-Up Ratchet available on models of 25:1 ratio and above.

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!


HT1,HT2,HT5,HT6 Series, Torque Multipliers Dimension

Torque Multiplier Selection Table

ModelTorque Range(Nm)Torque Range(lbf.ft)Torque RatioInput Square DriveOutput Square DriveDimension A(mm)Dimension B(mm)Min Dimension C(mm)Max Dimension C(mm)Body Weight(Kg)Reaction Arm Weight(Kg)
HT7/5600045005:13/4”1 1/2”144174.81463338.16.3
HT7/256000450025:11/2”1 1/2”144201.114633310.76.3
HT7/25SMD60004500125:11/2”1 1/2”130201.1163.433710.64.9
HT7/1256000450025:11/2”1 1/2”14422614633312.26.3
HT7/125SMD60004500125:11/2”1 1/2”130226163.433712.14.9
HT9/259500700025:13/4”1 1/2”184200.117135117.48.3
HT9/12595007000125:11/2”1 1/2”184220.117135118.98.3
HT11/25200001470025:13/4”2 1/2”212265.6*50030.113.3
HT11/1252000014700125:11/2”2 1/2”212293.4*50032.113.3
HT12/875340002500087.5:11/2”2 1/2”240337**41.56.5
HT13/1254750035000125:13/4”2 1/2”315379**95.26.9