Model: RSW20

Series: RSW

Product Lines: Industrial Tools

  • 0.96-inch IPS LCD display
  • Using a brushless motor, longer service life
  • Digital adjustment and display of torque and working status parameters of the wrench
  • Any value of torque can be set within the torque range, supporting 1Nm adjustment
  • Different torque adjustment modes available, torque digital adjustment or torque adjustment from 1 to 99 stages
  • Programmable preset 10 common output torques or stages
  • Support larger capacity air-cooled lithium battery 5.2, 8.1AH/10.0AH
  • Equipped with a standard reaction arm, the reaction arm can be customized
  • Support the installation of a hoisting system, making it safer to operate at heights
  • Support local log, support USB read log
  • Anti-reaction-arm-locking features, automatic unloading function, and the unloading angle can be customized
  • Using a multi-stage planetary gearbox, high reliability, and high stability
  • Wrench overheating temperature monitoring function
  • Battery level monitoring, compensation
  • Torque overload limit function
  • Accuracy ±4%
  • lUser (operator, administrator) hierarchical function management
  • The buzzer prompt is suitable for the factory environment
  • Background torque calibration function, software torque compensation function
  • Supports metric and imperial units

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!


Square Drive(Inch)1
Min. Torque(Nm)525
Max. Torque(Nm)2000
Weight (kg)4.9


Dimension A(mm)292
Dimension B(mm)76
Dimension C(mm)76
Dimension D(mm)201
battery torque wrench dimension

Series Comparison

When selecting a torque wrench, the working torque should be lower than 80% of the max torque.

ModelSquare Drive(Inch)Min. Torque(Nm)Max. Torque(Nm)Speed(Rpm)Noise(dB)Weight(Kg)Dimension A(mm)Dimension B(mm)Dimension C(mm)Dimension D(mm)
RSW140.75 or 133813505.78042846969198
RSW401 or 1.5100040002.2805.93068282205