Model: SWi2025TEMAXSPB

Series: SWI

Product Lines: Industrial Tools

  • Practical, portable, and lightweight
  • Revolving handle to aid horizontal or vertical spreading
  • Removable handle for improved access
  • No finger pinch-point
  • Increased step-depth on upper steps
  • Safety lanyard – 1,0 m length
  • Forged key components for strength and reliability
  • Rapid disassembly and assembly
  • Narrow jaw teeth – improved tool wear.

Think Safety

Manufacturer’s rating of load and stroke are maximum safe limits. Good practice encourages using only 80% of these ratings!

With two SWi2025TE wedge heads and a bifurcated external hand pump, the SWi2025TE Maxi Kit is the most powerful flange-spreading system on the market. The SWi2025TE Maxi Kit is particularly useful when the goal is to spread large diameter and or large series flanges. This is the top of the line in terms of spread force capability and if you need to get the flanges spread there is no better option. The SWi2025TE Maxi Kit allows for both wedge heads to be operated in sync with one another to get ample and equal spread force at both wedge heads. Besides a bifurcated external hand pump, and 2 wedgeheads the kit also comes with safety lanyards and 4 safety blocks to make sure that the work is performed in the safest manner possible.

Maxi Set Includes

  • 2 x SWi20/25TE Flange Spreader Wedgehead
  • 2 x 10,000 psi Hydraulic Cylinder
  • 2 x Safety Block
  • 2 x Lanyard
  • 2 x 1 x 10,000 psi (700 bar) Hydraulic Hose, 78.8″ (2 m) with 90 degree elbow
  • 1 x 10,000 psi (700 bar) HP550D Twin-Port Sealed Hand Pump with Gauge)
  • Case dimensions (in) 36.6 x 23.6 x 7.1


Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)700
Model TypeTwin Wedge and Pump Set
Maximum Spreading Force (ton)24
Maximum Spread (mm)103,5
Tip Clearance (mm)6
Jaw Width(mm)60
Power SourceSplit Hydraulic Power
Oil Capacity (cm3)250
Weight (kg)33


SWi2025TE,24 Ton External Hydraulic Flange Spreader Dimension

Series Comparison

ModelCapacity/TonMaximum Spread/mmTip Clearance/mmJaw Width/mmOil Capacity/cm3PowerWeight/Kg
SWi2025TE24103,5660250Split Hydraulic Power15
SWI20/25TI24103.5660*Integral Hydraulic Type18.1
SW14.5TE14.5816**Integral Hydraulic Type10
SWi2025TEMAXSPB24103,5660250Split Hydraulic Power33