Double acting Manual Hydraulic Pump

P-464 Double acting Manual Hydraulic Pump

Lightweight and compact design; Non-conductive fiberglass handle for operator safety; The two-speed operation can reduce the work intensity of the operator.; Equipped with an external unloading valve, they can be used to operate the single-acting cylinders.;The capacity of the oil tank is big enough to match a wide range of cylinders and tools.; Two-speed is to be used in the situation of hydraulic pommel should reach the heavy object quickly or need a great quantity of fuel. For example, it is recommended to use it to drive two or more hydraulic cylinders.

Taizhou Chuanhu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic pumps in China.P-464 is a double-acting manual hydraulic pump with a two-speed design. It features a big oil flow rate and oil capacity. The P-464 dual-acting hydraulic hand pump is an ideal tool to drive big tonnage hydraulic cylinders.

P-464 double acting manual hydraulic pump specification sheet

Pump Type

Useable Oil Capacity


First Stage Pressure Rating

Second Stage Pressure Rating

Oil Displacement Per Stroke In The First Stage

Oil Displacement Per Stroke In The Second Stage


Two Speed

7424 cm³


14 Bar

700 Bar

126.2 cm³

4.75 cm³


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