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Synchronous Bridge Deck Jacking System

Bridge Jacking System Manufacturer

RIVERLAKE is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and multiple points plc controlled synchronous jacking system. Our PLC synchronous jacking hydraulic system is consists of 5 divisions: hydraulic pump station, PLC computer control system, hydraulic jacking system, displacement, and pressure monitors, and man-machine interface operating system. For years we have provided customized bridge jacking solutions to our customers around the globe and gained a good reputation.

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RIVERLAKE Synchronous Jacking System

RIVERLAKE synchronous jacking system combines high pressure hydraulic with computer controls to monitor and control precise movement and positioning of heavy loads. All movements are managed from a PLC central control panel that displays live operation with real-time status updates for each lifting position. Our synchronous jacking system can be used with standard 700 bar single or double-acting cylinders and is offered with customized horsepower pump unit, oil tank capacity, and lift points options.RIVERLAKE synchronous lifting technology monitors and manages lifting, lowering,weight alignment, and load transfer procedures of non uniformly distributed heavy loads with lifting process accuracy  ± 0.5mm between leading and lagging lifting points

Bridge Deck & Beam Jacking Cylinders

CLRG Double Acting Hydraulic Jack

Capacity from 50 to 1000 tons, equipped with built-in safety valve to prevent pressure overloading.Configured with composite bearing to absorb side load up to 10%.

Low height hydraulic cylinder
RCS & RSM Low Height Hydraulic Cylinder

Low-height hydraulic cylinder is suitable for jacking in a confined place.Capacity available from 10 to 100 tons.

Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinder
CLP low Height Lock Nut Cylinder

CLP is a low-height hydraulic cylinder with a mechanical lock nut for a long period of load holding time. Its capacity range from 50 to 520 tons. Title saddle is a standard configuration.

Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinder
CLL Lock Nut Hydraulic Jack

CLP hydraulic cylinder is designed with a mechanical lock nut for a long period of load holding time.The capacity range from 50 to 1000 tons.

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