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Lightweight Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinder Built With High Strength Aluminum Alloy 7075-T6

Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders made by Riverlake Hydraulic is built with high strength Aviation aluminum alloy 7075-T6. Equipped with a composite bearing to prevent sideload, it increases the cylinder life. Here at Riverlake, we have four different series of aluminum hydraulic cylinder:

RAC Single Acting Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinder

Composite bearing prevents metal to metal contact, increasing cylinder life and resistance to sideload up to 10%. The hard-coat finish on all surface resists damage and handles are equipped on all models. The steel base plate and saddle can protect the cylinder from damage against a heavy load. High strength return spring for rapid retraction. All cylinders are equipped with high-quality seals and 3/8” NPT couplers. All models meet ASME B-30.1 ,GB15622-2005 and ISO10100:2001 standard.

RAR Double Acting Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinder


Double acting design for rapid retraction, regardless of the hose length and system pressure. The built-in safety valve prevents accidental over-pressurization.

RACL Aluminum Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinder


Aluminum lock nut provides mechanical load holding for a long period of time.

RACH Aluminum Hollow Plunger Hydraulic Cylinder

Hollow plunger design allows for both pull and pushes forces. Floating center tube increases Tightness and cylinder life. The lock nut hydraulic jack is suitable for the operation that requires the piston to extend for a long time to support the load continuously, the high-efficiency characteristics and the safety of mechanical bearing, and the support of bridge erection. The lock nut design makes the load holding job safer and more convenient. That is to say, first lift the load, then tighten the locking ring to make it compact with the hydraulic jack, then release the liquid pressure and support the load mechanically. All models only allow vertical operation,.

How to use the hydraulic cylinders?


1. Before use, you must check whether each part is normal (mainly check the piston, hose, and joint for oil leakage).
2. Strictly abide by the provisions in the main parameters during use, and avoid ultra-high overload, otherwise, when the lifting height or the tonnage exceeds the regulations, serious oil leakage will occur on the top of the cylinder.
3. If the oil quantity of the manual pump is insufficient, it is necessary to add fully filtered hydraulic oil to the pump before it can work.

4. The center of gravity of the heavy object should be selected moderately, the jacking point should be selected reasonably, the bottom surface should be flat, and the soft and hard conditions of the bottom surface should be taken into consideration, check whether if the tough wood should be put on the bottom and whether it is placed smoothly to avoid sinking or tilting when loading.

5. After the jack lifts the heavy object, the heavy object should be firmly supported by the solid support objects in time.

6. If multiple hydraulic cylinders are lifted at the same time, in addition to placing the jacks correctly, pay attention to a load of each cylinder and keep the lifting speed synchronized to prevent the weight from being lifted from tilting and causing danger.

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