50 Ton Low Height Pancake Hydraulic Cylinder Used In Auger Boring Steerable Rock System

50-ton low height pancake hydraulic cylinders used in auger boring steerable rock system.Steerable head designed for boring through sand or soft rock with real-time steering adjustments made out of the pit with a hydraulic control system.

The Steerable Rock System (SRS) is the auger boring market’s first steerable head designed to navigate not only solid rock but difficult fractured rock conditions as well. Engineered to operate in rock up to 25,000 psi, the SRS allows operators to keep bores online and grade even in the toughest ground conditions for an on-grade bore.

On the drilling head, there is peace’s of small round pipe, that’s where the cylinders sit. There are 4 pcs 50-ton pancake hydraulic cylinders on each side(top, bottom, right, and left) of the steerable head for a total of 16pcs, it works is when it’s drilling horizontally underground we use the cylinders to navigate the drilling head.


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