100 Ton Mobile Hydraulic Puller

RIVERLAKE is a leading manufacturer in the manufacturing and distribution of hydraulic tools and equipment, We have over 20 years of experience to provide domestic sellers and OEM&ODM for European and American market. Lately, we manufactured a 100-ton mobile puller for our customer Eagleprotools.


Hydraulic pullers are used to remove shaft-fitted parts (bearings or couplings). Pullers use a controlled hydraulic force in an effective way and can quickly separate (especially compared to the manual alternative) the parts. Hydraulic pullers also do not damage the parts, which is very important when performing maintenance activities. Riverlake’s hydraulic and mechanical pullers capacity range from 8 ton to 50 ton. In addition to railway vehicle maintenance, mechanical installation, mine maintenance, construction support, and general heavy lifting, it can also disassemble circular workpieces such as pulleys, gears, and bearings in various mechanical equipment.

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